Youth Leadership Development Certificate

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Warren Bennis
The youth is our future – young people are our leaders of tomorrow and will positively impact our communities.
Want to make a difference in the world?
Through partnerships with various individuals and organizations, our program strive to nurture youth leadership and prepare them for success.



Job demands are constantly evolving in our ever-changing world. Many youths face difficulties in finding work to start building the career they have been trained for.


New generation of youths shall influence the lives of themselves and their peers as we step into the future.


Your experience defines yourself – get opportunities to try different work to pursue your passion.

Our Approach


The youth is our future – young people are our leaders of tomorrow and will positively impact our communities.


We will nurture the youth through intellectual exercises, authentic experiences and mentorship.


Information is power – networking and resources facilitates success.

Our Actions

Youth Leadership Development Certificate is a certificate program that focuses on nurturing holistic leadership development through innovative and interactive learning approaches. The courses in the certificate program are tailored to suit the needs of local immigrant youth, and are designed for expanding their horizons, empowering them in leadership potential development, identity finding, critical thinking and communication skills. A variety of courses explore the conceptual and practical aspects on self-development, mentoring skills, outdoor challenges and multimedia.

Provide a wider view and vision to leaders
Provide alternative ways of facing and resolving issues
Provide training to leaders and equip them to have more confident leading a team

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Past Events

Entrepreneur series offers training and opportunities for youth transferring their creativity into action.

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