“Together” is not a concept that is sought out in our egocentric world. People are always TOGETHER, but NOT always CONNECTED.

In 2016, Together, Shall We… was initiated to raise question on the UNDERSTANDING of DIFFERENT GENERATIONS and encourage cross-generation ASPIRATIONS and DREAMS. As a response, Together, We Shall… was introduced in 2018 to BUILD BRIDGES between two generations and FOSTER GROWTH.

With the momentum of “Togetherness”, Together, We Carry On… is a newly developed series of workshop in 2019. This workshop focuses on the process of CREATION, synergy of the TEAM ENVIRONMENT, and NEW EXPLORATION of self and surroundings through the COLLABORATION of GENERATIONS of volunteers and supporters.


As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” – Ray Charles

Music is an integral part of our lives.
POP MUSIC and SONGS from each era represent and reflect the CULTURE, the CONTEXT and SOCIAL ASPECTS of the era. What impact does pop music have on different periods since the 60s? How does each era affect the songwriters, and how do the songs written subsequently exert its influence on the era?

In this series, we will look at HOW POP MUSIC EVOLVES over the years and highlight some of the key pop music phenomenon. Each session will be devoted to a decade starting from the 60s to 2010s. We will EXPLORE how different eras consume music differently (from AM radio to Streaming music platforms), the IMPACTS of various media and formats (from vinyl to MP3), and how technology EXPAND the reach of pop music to all parts of the world. Participants are encouraged to explore the impact of pop music to their own lives and their responses to it.


TOGETHER, SHALL WE . . . 一班沒有跳舞底子的年輕人透過三個月的舞蹈訓練;互相鼓勵,學習;為著同一目標努力排練。經歷了團隊合作和建立了自信心。今年這班年輕人想繼續延續這份精神;希望將這份喜樂和熱情傳達開去。歡迎任何程度的年輕人參加為期三個月的課程。

A group of young people who doesn’t have dancing background, but in three months of training we encourage each other to LEARN and WORK HARD to dance for Together, Shall We . . . Through this experience we built strong TEAMWORK and SELF-CONFIDENCE and this year we want to continue this spirit and hope to convey this JOY and ENTHUSIASM to engage more young people.

ANY level of young people is WELCOME to attend a three-month course!!!


Together, we are marching toward the 8th year of “RUNNING WITH ACROSS”.

We know running can be challenging! Sometimes, life gets busy, the weather gets ugly, and the temptation to watch TV instead of getting out the door and logging some miles!

Despite all these excuses! We encourage you to CHALLENGE yourself, PRACTICE with the team and SUPPORT your friends to run

We will see you in the running field!

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Music is an integral part of our lives. In this series, we will look at how pop music evolves over the years and highlight some of the key pop music phenomenon.

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Through this experienced we built strong teamwork and self-confidence and this year we want to continue this spirit and hope to convey this joy and enthusiasm to engage more young people.

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We encourage you to challenge yourself, practice with the team and support your friends to run together.

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