sharp v17


September 18, 2019Across U-hub
May 2019_ Issue 16


By the end of the on-site sessions, it was amazing to see the growth of the students and the way in which they were able to find and develop their strengths and the willingness to seek to understand their future potential and goals in becoming who they inspire to be.
May 15, 2019Across U-hub
Apr 2019 Vol. 15 v3


The SHARP students explored the campsite using a map and compass to find the check points marked on the map. They also went to the sugar bush to learn about traditional and modern methods of making maple syrup.
April 15, 2019Across U-hub
Mar 2019_ Vol. 14


S.H.A.R.P. program had an overnight camp with the students and provided a platform for them to explore themselves, build friendships and make connections with others, and create their own community.
March 15, 2019Across U-hub
Dec 2018_ Vol. 13


The SHARP students began their day by going into the inspection process at the site. They unpacked, inspected, re-packed, and sent the shoeboxes out to the delivery belt for shipping.
December 10, 2018Across U-hub
Nov 2018_ Vol. 12


The SHARP students packed over 70 shoeboxes and prepared them to be sent to the needy children on the other side of the world. Two SHARP student leaders were invited to share about their past experience in the program and at Across U-hub.
November 22, 2018Across U-hub
Oct 2018_Vol. 10-11 v2


To begin a new school year for the SHARP program, we invited the students to visit Across U-hub centre for a day of event. Tree planing event and marathon were both unique experiences for the students in the following weeks.
October 30, 2018Across U-hub
Aug, 2018 Vol. 9


A few SHARP students had the chance to participate a program at Fairchild Radio, to share about their lives in China, how it has changed after they came to Canada and their feeling on the labels that were given to Chinese students.
August 28, 2018Across U-hub
Aug 2018_ Vol 8 v3


The SHARP students visited the Toronto Police Dog Services. The goal of this visit was to educate the students about relationships through observing and feeling the relationship between the police and his dog.
August 15, 2018Across U-hub
July 2018_Vol 7 v2


Nine SHARP student leaders were invited to act as a host for a delegation of exchange students from China. Both groups of students went to a trip designed for them to reconnect with nature, develop their leadership skills, and build lifelong friendships.
July 20, 2018Across U-hub