What is Youth Leadership Training Camp?

A 4-day intensive program that consists of physically and mentally challenging activities that help the participating youth to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, raise the awareness of the needs of others and thereby to learn some basic interpersonal and creative skills to help build up one another in a community setting.

Reason to join

  • Recognizing you have the capability to excel
  • Being open to take risks and challenges
  • Building the unwavering persistence for success


Leadership qualities and personal characteristics of leadership will be nurtured throughout the 4-day, 3-night camp. A wide variety of activities will be included:

  • ropes courses,
  • team building initiatives,
  • outdoor command tasks,
  • forum discussion,
  • interactive and multimedia workshops,
  • guest speaker seminars,
  • heart-to-heart small group sharing.

Participants will also be encouraged to discuss local and global issues.