Why volunteering with us?

Across U-hub values the contribution of volunteers, who are critical to the work of Across U-hub. Volunteers are given the opportunities to get involved in every step on event planning and implementing of the programs we offered.

Across U-hub employ a “Youth-Led” leadership development model to nurture over 170 volunteers each year, through the authentic experiential leadership-training platforms. Most volunteers are willing to assume leadership roles in ongoing positions from few months to 15+ years.

The platforms available for learning and implementation are:

• Creating and Maintaining the Effective Work Teams
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Team Work Coordination and Leadership
• Planning, Marketing, Execution & Evaluation
• Problem Solving and Risk Management

Under the guidance of the team leads, the volunteers who joined a team will go through the entire process in planing and implementing an event. Here is an example of how the volunteering program works and what will the volunteer get in prepare our annual event – City Mosaic. In the planning stage, the team will exercise their creativity to create tasks for participants to complete in the event, they will also improve their networking skills as they contact sponsors and community partners involved throughout the planing stage. In the event implementing stage, the team will prepare the materials for the event, and they will develop some problem solving skills as they encounter to problems at this stage. On the event day, the team will work with the occasional volunteers and they will feel the power of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment in a large scale event. We hope the example helps you in distinguishing our volunteering program with other volunteer opportunities in the community.

Last but not least, Across U-hub is a welcoming organisation and we strive to create a welcoming community. Come join us to give back to the community and build lifelong friendships!

Let's hear what our volunteers say...

How to get started?

Volunteering for Across U-hub is a fulfilling and rewarding experience that will give you the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends! Our volunteer program is divided into two types of opportunities that offer different levels of commitment for youths between 16 and 30 years old to join:

  • Occasional Volunteer

    For those who are interested in helping out on an occasional or one-off basis on the day of an event.

    Step 1: Create an Across U-hub member account online
    Step 2: Complete Volunteer Application Form at your member account and choose an orientation date
    Step 3: Go to the orientation
    Step 4: Attend the training session
    Step 5: Volunteer for the event applied
    Repeat Step 4 and 5 after the end of event
  • Join a Project/ Team

    For those who look for regular commitment at a project / team.

    Step 1: Create an Across U-hub member account online
    Step 2: Complete Volunteer Application Form at your member account and choose an orientation date
    Step 3: Attend the orientation
    Step 4: Enrol into a project/ team
    Step 5: Evaluation (after a project)
    Repeat Step 4 & 5 after the end of a project

Frequently Asked Questions

Youths who are looking to learn as they volunteer are highly recommended to join teams to work on projects. Committing to a project or team will enrich your volunteering experience. It is a good opportunity for youths, who has minimal or no work experience, to network with peers and professionals, to develop some work-related skills and to fulfil the volunteer hours all at the same time. Click here to see a list of introduction of each project and the opportunities offered in each.

Upcoming volunteer opportunities will be updated regularly on the website. You can sign up online. Please refer to volunteer opportunities page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator directly to discuss your volunteer preference.

The time commitment will depend on the type of role that you choose. Normally one shift of an occasional volunteer opportunity is 4 to 10 hours in length; mandatory volunteer training for a specific event is 2 to 3 hours in length. If you join a volunteer working team, the time commitment will be varied depending on the team working schedule. Generally a team will hold meeting weekly or bi-monthly during week nights or on weekends, plus any incidents that occur. You will be able to talk with volunteer coordination team to determine what your availability could be.

It depends on the nature of the program. For most programs and events, we waive the program fee for the planning committee and core members.

Across U-hub recognizes the time that volunteers serve at our organization and, where eligible, can be counted towards meeting the volunteering requirements needed by high school students to graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. To earn the completed hours, you should keep track of your own volunteer hours; then fill out the community service hour record sheet obtained from your school, and submit it to our office. We are happy to sign your forms after you have completed your volunteer hours, so make sure that you keep track each volunteer opportunities.

Yes. If you are under 18 years old, your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must sign and submit the liability waiver form to Across U-hub before the start date of an event. This rule applies to both volunteers and event participants. A liability waiver form will be emailed to you once you complete the online Volunteer Application.

As you volunteer at Across U-hub, you will learn more about our volunteer culture. Whatever your role will be, we hope all volunteers will carry a friendly and positive attitude, contributing their efforts to be flexible and cooperative. We ask every volunteer to read, understand and respect these Volunteer Guidelines as this will help us overcome any challenges and obstacles when working together in a team.

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We invite you to be a part of our dynamic volunteer team, where every effort counts and every moment is rewarding.

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