“Together” is not a concept that is sought after in our egocentric world. People are always TOGETHER, but not always CONNECTED.

In 2016, Together, Shall We… was initiated to raise awareness of the UNDERSTANDING OF DIFFERENT GENERATIONS and encourage cross-generation ASPIRATIONS AND DREAMS. As a response, Together, We Shall… was introduced in 2018 to BUILD BRIDGES between two generations and FOSTER GROWTH.

With the momentum of “Togetherness”, Together, We Carry On . . . is a newly developed series of workshops in 2019. These workshops focus on the process of CREATION, synergy within the TEAM ENVIRONMENT, and NEW EXPLORATION of self and surroundings through the COLLABORATION of GENERATIONS of volunteers and supporters.


Instructor: Michael Liang

As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” – Ray Charles

Music is an integral part of our lives.
POP MUSIC and SONGS from each era represent and reflect the CULTURE, the CONTEXT and SOCIAL ASPECTS of the era. What impact does pop music have on different periods since the 60s? How does each era affect the songwriters, and how do the songs written subsequently exert its influence on the era?

In this series, we will look at HOW POP MUSIC EVOLVES over the years and highlight some of the key pop music phenomenon. Each session will be devoted to a decade starting from the 60s to present day. We will EXPLORE how different eras consume music differently (from AM radio to Streaming music platforms), the IMPACT of various media and formats (from vinyl to MP3), and how technology EXPANDS the reach of pop music to all parts of the world. Participants are encouraged to explore the impact of pop music on their own lives and their response to it.


Instructor: Amy Man

DANCE is a great way in which to Bond, to Learn, and to Grow as an individual and as a community. Dancing is also a great way to Express Emotions and to Become Active.

Together, Shall We . . . A group of young people who did not know how to dance, but, in the three months of training, we encouraged each other to learn and work hard, for Together, Shall We . . . Through this experience we built strong Teamwork and Self-Confidence. We want to continue this spirit this year. Through this workshop, we hope to convey this Joy and Enthusiasm and engage more young people.

We openly invite ANY LEVEL of experience individuals to participate. We will learn some basics of GROUP DANCING as well as basic DANCING SKILLS. Each week we will learn Different Movements with a Set Song chosen by our teachers. By the end of the course, our goal is to be able to do some group performances.

City Teller: Taste of Cultures

Carrying on the spirit and mission of City Mosaic, this program aims to create time and space for you to BREATHE THE AIR and FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE of this very city - City of Toronto.

So we want to bring you a DEEPER EXPERIENCE of exploring the CALTURAL DIVERSITYwithin the city by cultivating a MIND OF CURIOSITY to expand one’s day-to-day horizon and collecting HUMAN STORIES that leave significance impacts and footprints within the neighborhood.

Chat Talk

It is a new online, live series to reflect upon a variety of issues arising from this time of crisis. This is an open dialogue for you to participate and contribute to enlighten your days of social distancing. Let us stay connect with one another and be inspired!

Topics include:

  • What if “working from home” becomes
  • Impact of technology on outbreak
  • Governance and Culture
  • Life and Death
  • Finance and Investment
  • And more …

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