Crafteria is a combination of the English word “Craft” and Spanish –“ tería”, which means a place/hub where something is done.

We have arranged different arts and handmade crafts workshops, as well as Craft Markets in previous years, please visit the Crafteria theme page of different year below for details:

In this Crafteria project series, we offer unique arts and handmade crafts workshops for youth, from craft coffee, candle making, pastel Nagomi art, leather work to bread making. Crafteria is a place where both beginners and professional craftsmen can make beautiful things, giving our minds a chance to rest and rejuvenate through sharing and the creative process.

To offer a series of unique art and handmade craft workshops covering different forms of art, such as pottery, paper artwork, jewellery making, painting and woodworking.
To provide a marketplace to showcase young Asian artists and crafters and their commitment to handmade excellence