Every year, there are tons of waste gather around the coast.
This year we are going to the Cherry Beach collecting waste and understand the SIGNIFICANCE OF PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR FUTURE.

Date / Time?

June 24, 2017
9:00am – 2:00pm

Registration Deadline:
June 20, 2017


Cherry Beach, Toronto

Pick up and Drop off at
Across U-hub


Youth of 16 years and above

Capacity: 30

How Much?

Regular Price: $5

  • Please bring your own water bottle and LUNCH
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes
  • We will provide snack, water for refill and cleanup materials


BEING a responsible citizen

PROTECT the environment

PREVENT harmful to the wildlife

UNDERSTAND the toxic items effecting the water and nature

What will you learn?

Learn the chain of reaction, from a person dumping litters at the shoreline to the wildlife/nature in the environment and back to the person consumption

Understands the toxic items in result to water/nature pollution

What goes into the water and how it effects your daily life

What will it include?

Interactive activities

Shoreline cleanup (pick up litters)

Free time for lunch

Group discussion