Together, We Carry ON... RUNNING

Together, we are marching towards the 8th year of “RUNNING WITH ACROSS”.

We know running can be challenging . . . Life gets busy, the weather gets ugly, and the temptation to watch TV is strong. Instead of making excuses, let’s get outside and log some miles!

We encourage you to CHALLENGE yourself, PRACTICE with the team and SUPPORT your friends to run

We will see you on the running field!

Date / Time?

1st Round Practice:

Apr 17 – Jun 19, 2019

(Every Wednesday)

4:00pm – 5:30pm


Across U-hub

232 Hood Rd.


16 to 30 years old

How Much?


Running Challenges

June 23 – MEC Toronto 10K or 21K

Oct 20 – Scotiabank 21K or 42K

Who is the instructor?

Darrell Kwong

I started running in 2010 around the age of 18 when I first participated in the half marathon representing Across. Learning the hard way and finishing sore and exhausted it was quite the rough experience. At the time, I had an addiction to video games and I wasn’t the best at academics either but at the same time I wanted to build myself proactively some way and decided to take interest and started running. At first, it was mindless training not having a strong reason or a goal in mind. However, as soon as I gradually ran more often, it felt easier like a mediation. Running also has opened my experience to appreciate nature and outside world.

It took PATIENCE, COMMITMENT, and of A STRONG SOCIAL and WELCOMING GROUP such as Across to motivate and continue my journey of running. Even now where I live away from the city, Across has helped me build a training foundation which not only STRENGTHENED ME MENTALLY but also developed a PASSION OF RUNNING. I also know that I have a strong and supporting community Across.