Together, We Carry ON... DANCE

DANCE is a great way in which to Bond, to Learn, and to Grow as an individual and as a community. Dancing is also a great way to Express Emotions and to Become Active.

Together, Shall We . . . A group of young people who did not know how to dance, but, in the three months of training, we encouraged each other to learn and work hard, for Together, Shall We . . . Through this experience we built strong Teamwork and Self-Confidence. We want to continue this spirit this year. Through this workshop, we hope to convey this Joy and Enthusiasm and engage more young people.

We openly invite ANY LEVEL of experience individuals to participate. We will learn some basics of GROUP DANCING as well as basic DANCING SKILLS. Each week we will learn Different Movements with a Set Song chosen by our teachers. By the end of the course, our goal is to be able to do some group performances.

Date / Time?

March 4 – May 20

(Every Monday)

7:30pm – 9-30pm

* Please arrive 15 minutes ahead to settle down and get checked in


Across U-hub

232 Hood Rd.


16 to 30 years old

* No prior experience is required

How Much?

$100 for 12 sessions


$15 for each session

* Non-transferable and non-refundable

* No make-up class for missing class


Provide a platform for everyone to learn to Encourage, Work Hard, and to Learn with each other

Build Teamwork, Self-Confidence, and also other skills that are vital to a Healthy Lifestyle.

Who is the instructor?


Ms. Amy Man’s passion for dancing began in her teenage years. She felt delight and confidence on the dance floor. After secondary school, Amy was determined to devote herself to dancing and resolutely entered the dance academy. She joined the Hong Kong Dance Company’ and started her career in dancing. Amy BELIEVES that there is a STRONG RELATIONSHIP between PURSUIING DREAMS and MAKING CHOICES. She choreographed the dance in Together, Shall We . . . and taught it to the actors and dancers. As she watched the engaged and serious young people in the dance practices, Amy felt immense excitement, as if she saw her former self working hard and wholeheartedly towards a DREAM.