Together, Shall We... SING ALONG

不如, 我們一起... 唱這歌

Music is a common language, popular music is a collective memory of each era that everyone share regardless of your age or background. It undeniably has integrated into your everyday life. While it gives you a way to express, it also accompanies you whenever, wherever you go. In our next “Together, shall we…” gathering, we invite you to bring your own list of songs and share with us. You not only share your list, you will get to sing with us of your favorite song.

Welcome all ages Across’s friends to join us. Let’s get the live music/karaoke party started and SING ALONG with us!!!


我們希望藉著這次音樂聚會, 聽聽不同年代的人分享那些深深刻在他們心中的歌曲。同時也邀請你跟我們一起「唱這歌 」。我們誠邀Across 各方好友,不同年齡人士來參加這次 ”不如, 我們一起…唱這歌”

Date / Time?

March 31, 2018

4:00pm – 6:00pm


Across U-hub

232 Hood Road, Markham



How Much?

FREE admission