Together, Shall We... SHARE TOYS

“Sharing is caring.” a manner that we have learnt from others or since we were young. Starting in March, Across U-hub will be holding a series of Together, Shall We… SHARE, with different theme each month, we hope to invite all our friends and the public to bring in something that is treasurable for them and share with others about the stories or any memories behind that object. In our first Together, Shall We… SHARE, we will be sharing TOYS that was from your childhood or full of memories. Let’s bring in your toys to share your stories with us.

* Please do not leave any toys behind after the program. Across U-hub is not responsible for any exchange / transactions of toys.


偶然執拾家中雜物,可能掀起你很多零碎但珍貴的記憶,即使忘記了物件的時間、地點和人物,但你會知道,這些都曾經或依然是你的珍藏,當中蘊藏很多值得回味和分享的故事。Across U-hub 誠邀各方好友,親朋戚友,叔伯兄弟,帶同舊玩具和故事,來到「交換大笪地」擺地攤,展示你收藏的玩具。以交換、自由訂價和分享故事等方式,與到場的朋友們以物交友。地攤擺檔期間必須自行保管所有展品及地攤結束時必須帶走所有展品。


Date / Time?

March 3, 2018

4:00pm – 6:00pm


Across U-hub

232 Hood Road, Markham



How Much?

FREE admission

    Objective / 目的

    • Share your stories with others
    • Gather as a community and pass on the history of toys
    • Swap with others
    • 活化靜止和隱藏的動人故事
    • 凝聚社區群組,承傳文化經驗
    • 交換和延續物件帶給我們的記憶


    • 兒時玩具 (他媽哥池、象棋、圍棋、康樂棋、鬥獸棋、波子棋、飛行棋、萍果棋、海陸空棋、軍艦、Master Mind、西瓜波、大富翁、搖搖、竹簽、抓子、橡皮繩、東南西北、摺紙……)(活動完結時,必須帶走)
    • 玩具及其他物品可供免費交換或自行訂價 (活動結束時,必須帶走)