The CRAFTERIA – Arts and Handmade Craft Workshop Series: Soapmaking

Handmade soap by yourself could be a very fun thing to do. Design your “ONE OF THE KIND” SOAP without hazard elements to treat our environment and ourselves better.

Date / Time?

Dec 3, 2017 (Sun)
Dec 10, 2017 (Sun)

2:00pm – 5:00pm

* Registration required. No drop-in.

* Please arrive 20 minutes ahead to settle down and get checked in


Across U-hub

232 Hood Rd.


16 to 30 years old

Capacity: 15

How Much?

$40 for 2 workshops

* Non-transferable and non-refundable
* No make-up class for missing class

* Things to bring:
At workshop 2, please bring a pair of kitchen glove and a safety goggle.


Enjoy a CREATIVE and an ENJOYABLE afternoon to produce and decorate a SOAP PRODUCT

Increase participant’s APPRECIATION and KNOWLEDGE about soapmaking using the PURE AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS that are not harmful to your skin


What will you learn?

Workshop 1: Melt and Pour soap

Procedure include melting the soap base at certain temperature to turn it into liquid form. Then we could add additives, scent and colours to the soap base and pour it into a soap mold. We will make soap that looks exactly like pastries. Such as macaron, donut and cakes. We will also talk about the history and science about soap; different soap bases, and how to chose them; the different kind of additives we could add to the soap.

Workshop 2: Cold Process soap

The most popular method in hand made soap business by combining Sodium Hydroxide with oils. Then a chemical reaction called “saponification” occurred. You will also learn how to design and calculate your own formulas; the property of oil and essential oil in soap making; how to label your products.

What will the workshop include?

  • All materials including soap base, fragrant oils, soap colorant, essential oils, etc will be included. Soap base contains no harmful products and are produced from the highest quality double distilled and deodorized clear coconut oil.
  • Tools and soap molds are free to use, but not for take home.
  • Final products: 2 to 3 handmade soaps of varies sizes with containers.

Who is the instructor?