The CRAFTERIA – Arts and Handmade Craft Workshop Series: Interactive Arts

Express ourselves through a variety of different art materials and techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and sculpture in the 4 workshops

Date / Time?

August 3, 2017 – August 24, 2017 (Every Thursday)

7:30pm – 10:00pm

* Registration required. No drop-in.

* Please arrive 20 minutes ahead to settle down and get checked in


Across U-hub

232 Hood Rd.


16 to 30 years old

Capacity: 20

How Much?

$40 for 4 workshops

Deadline for Registration:
July 27, 2017

* Non-transferable and non-refundable

* No make-up class for missing class


Foster participants’ CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION to bring out the “INNER ARTIST

Promote RELAXATION, JOY, SELF-CONFIDENCE, and INSIGHT through engaging in different art materials

The art workshops enable students to LOOK and LISTEN DEEPLY INWARDS and express parts of themselves, which sometimes can be difficult to articulate in words alone


What will you learn?

Introduce and experience specific PAINTING and DRAWING techniques to further their SKILLS and CREATIVITY

Different art work such as SELF PORTRAIT, CLAY SHOES and ART INSTALLATION that create out of recycle materials will be done in the workshops

What will the workshop include?

All materials and tools including paint, clay, canvas (12” x 16”) will be included

Final products: Self-portraits, Clay Shoes, Painting and Art Installation

Who is the instructor?