SHARP Program

Across U-hub recognizes the unlimited potential of youth. We believe that a sense of belonging is crucial in supporting youth in becoming meaningful members of the community.

Our goal is to improve the overall well-being of youth in our multicultural environment by building a sense of community and belongingness both in school and outside of school. Through different activities, youth will have an opportunity to develop good character traits that would help them stand out within the society.

Across U-hub is committed to providing an alternative for the face-to-face in-class instruction for the SHARP program. The team at Across U-hub in collaboration with experts in different fields, have develop a series of online sessions to explore various topics. Through these online discussion, we hope to cultivate a positive attitude in facing this time of uncertainty and provide timely support to students who are now social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Grade 9-12 students are eligible to enroll in the following online sessions.


The available sessions are designed to help students gain knowledge in various field including technology, finance, music and more. It also aims to develop their potentials in their areas of interests, and to equip them with the necessary soft skills for further personal development.


Date: April 7th – June 30th, 2020 (Tuesdays)
Time: 4pm – 5pm Attendance will be taken on WebEx
Session Topics: see Session Topics below

How Much?

Free. Students are required to register online and attendance will be taken.

Session Topics

Each week, we will offer ONE online session which focuses on ONE specific topic (finance, technology, music)

Week 1: What is recession?

Week 2: What is stock market?

Week 3: Why stock prices fluctuate so much?

Week 4: Preparation for a career in IT

Week 5: What is bonds?

Week 6: Why pay taxes?

Week 7: What is central bank?

Week 8: University life

Week 9: Introduction on discrimination (June 2)

Week 10: Practical tips when facing discrimination in real life situations (Jun 9)

Week 11: DIY “Fortune Cookies” Part 1 (Jun 16)

Week 12: DIY “Fortune Cookies” Part 2 (Jun 23)

Week 13: Stay Active


  • Cultivate a stronger sense of belonging in family/school/community through peer support groups
  • Establish connections with Toronto through Across U-hub community events
  • Improve overall well-being and promote a positive self-image
  • Develop self-confidence, creativity and leadership qualities

SHARP consists of a series of team activities to help participant establish support groups, build positive self-image, and develop leadership qualities.

Delivery Methods

  • Multimedia workshop
  • Experiential Learning
  • Reflection and Introspection
  • Caring & Understanding Mentorship
  • Community-based Outreach Activities
  • Training Camp o Shadowing Experiences

Online Sessions


Financial literacy is an essential life skill which is seldom taught at school. Due to misconceptions and lack of knowledge about the financial markets, people often make ill-informed decisions on spending, borrowing and investment.
Topics (examples to be discussed)

  • What is Stock market?
  • Why is saving so important?
  • What causes stock prices to fluctuate?

Instructor Biography

Dr. Terence Yuen, PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto. He is on the Board of Directors of the Across U-hub. He has developed in-depth investment expertise as a portfolio manager and director at some of the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds in Canada, US and the Middle East.


For better or worse, technologies are evolving faster than ever. Whether you like it or not, technologies are transforming all aspects of our lives.
Topics (examples to be discussed)

  • Should I share everything on social media?
  • How to develop mobile apps on phones and tablets?

Instructor Biography

Prof. Wilfred Fong, PhD, the former Chief Information Officer at the University of Toronto
School of Continuing Studies. He is on the Advisory Board of Across U-hub.


Music is an integral part of our lives. The instructor will explore how pop music evolved over
the years and highlight some of the key pop music phenomenon. Participants are encouraged
to explore the impact of pop music on their own lives and their response to it.
Topics (examples to be discussed)

  • How does each era affect the songwriters?
  • How do the songs are written and subsequently exert its influence on the era?

Instructor Biography

Michael Liang, a song writer, member of the Chinese Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) band ZiON NOiZ. He was first in touch with Across U-hub as part of the song writing in the musical drama “Coffee and Tea” in 1997.