SHARP: Nature Walk

Enjoy an EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP or GUIDED HIKE to monitor local streams and EXPLORE the property by hiking to LEARN about plants and animals.

Date / Time

March 23, 2019


8:30am – 4:00pm


Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre

Gathering Location:
Dr. Norman Bethune C.I.
Stephen Leacock C.I.

For Who?

For TDSB students only

How Much?


(only for TDSB students)

  • Please bring your own LUNCH and drink
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and running/hiking shoes that you don’t mind to get dirty


Connect with our learning at school and ignite our sense of wonder by connecting with nature

Strengthens our connection to the natural world that coexists with Toronto's urban environment

What will you learn

Learn about some of the plants and animals

Learn how to sustain water systems

Learn how to collaborate with nature and more

What will it include

Guided hiking / educational workshop

Interactive activities

Team building games and group discussion

Who is the instructor

Staffs of Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre and Across U-hub