DIY Fortune Cookie

In this seemingly dim moment, we as youth may not be able to physically affect change in policies or to save lives in this crisis. However, with our unique role in this society, we can carry a passionate heart and a mind of creativity. A simple handmade “Fortune Cookie” can make a great impact. This is a small gift and yet is a powerful way to support and encourage the frontline workers who are tirelessly working hard everyday. As of today (May 15th), we have given out 550 handmade “Fortune Cookies” filled with love, to the frontline workers in the GTA. Come and join us in sending out our blessings to the essential workers. A “Fortune Cookie DIY Kit” is available upon request.



Date: April 15, 2020 – June 30, 2021

First-come, first-serve, while quantities last


Please contact us through one of the following methods to request a DIY Fortune Cookie kit with details. Each package includes materials for 5 fortune cookies.

  1. Fill out the request form on web
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. FB/IG: @togetherwecarryon
  4. Voicemail: 905-944-1944



Email will be sent to individuals for the purpose of confirming orders and picking up instructions.

How Much?

DIY Fortune Cookie kit is free,
but sign up is required.


  • Serve your community with passion and creativity during difficult times
  • Share words of love and encouragement in a handmade “Fortune Cookie” craft
  • Spend quality time with your family by making “Fortune Cookie” crafts together


  • 抗疫期間,用心和創意服侍社區
  • 親手製作有祝福句子的「幸福曲奇」小掛飾,與人分享愛與鼓勵的說話
  • 留家期間,與家人一起學藝,祝福自己和別人

About the Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie has a long history of giving people a word of wisdom or luck. Not only does it deliver a timely message to the eater, but it also gives a sense of warm comfort after a meal. Inspired by the edible “Fortune Cookie”, a group of young people created different kinds of fortune cookies by using a variety of materials. Each filled with words of love wanting to encourage the people around us, in hopes that this can speak a thousand words of blessing in this time of crisis.

「幸福曲奇」小手工是啟發自一種古老而又浪漫的手工曲奇餅,它讓人感覺到幸福的味道,每一個親手縫製的 「幸福曲奇」都有不一樣的造型,藏著無盡的祝福語,宛若一件小巧的藝術品,陪伴著我們一起抗疫,來吧,將幸福和毅力與人分享。