What is City Mosaic?

With over 10 years of experience in running, City Mosaic is a city-wide event that never goes out of style. Recognized by the City of Markham, City Mosaic is a multicultural adventure for those who are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

While many people dream of being able to travel around the world, not everyone has the resources to do so. City Mosaic provides an opportunity for youth and young adults to embark on a global journey, getting a taste of every culture in the world without ever having to step foot out of Toronto.

Recent Update


Explore of the richness of multicultural diversity

Expand cultural comfort zone and enter the stories of other cultures

For Who?

Anyone who enjoys exploration and wants to have fun

Anyone looking to challenge his/her knowledge of Toronto

City Mosaic 2016 - Toronto's Urban Adventure

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Date / Time?

May 28
8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Early Bird Deadline: April 25

Deadline for Registration: May 9


Kick-off Ceremony:
Mel Lastman Square of North York Civic Centre

For who

>>Explorer Division: For anyone who enjoys exploration and wants to get a taste of what Toronto is like.
Eligibility: 12 and above. [Teens of 12 to 16 can join with supervision of 2 adults in the team]

>>Adventurer Division: For anyone looking for a challenge with advance knowledge about the city.
Eligibility: 16 and above


Regular: $120.00/team
Early Bird: $80.00/team

Required 4 persons to register as a team

Includes 2 TTC passes, 4 Event T-shirts and Program Guides, Refreshment and more….

*Refund Policy: No refund after May 9, 2016. A written cancellation request is required on/before May 9,2016. Full refund less administration charge of $25/team will be refunded.


From Past Participant

We were running through Toronto and I rarely go downtown, so a lot of these places I have never seen before but because we had a strong desire to win; I barely got to see anything before we had to move on in order to keep up with other teams.

Need better time management or allowance on your end but overall execution was magnificent and I am happy to say my first time participating in City Mosaic was a great and memorable one.

———————-2014 Participant

City Mosaic teach me how to use subway and bus correctly, I even don’t know Little India before City Mosaic. I understand why Canada is a cultural pluralism country after City Mosaic

————2015 SHARP student participant

The event is pretty well planned, the questions are well written (even a bit too long) but can tell that the team did put lots of time and effort into finding the questions first. Minor improvement is to double check the booklet to make sure there is no typo 😛 good job!

—————-2014 Participant

From Community Partner

VWAT has been a partner with Across U-Hub on City Mosaic for over 5 years. After the first year, we saw the value of introducing CM to our youth, especially our newcomer youth who have just come to the city. Even Canadian-born youth have all learned something new from participating.

Seeing tired (from all the running), but happy (from all the laughing) youth makes it all worth it. I am impressed with the event every year: the amount of dedication, care, and excitement that the youth organizers pour into the event is evident in every activity that is run.

[The] Youth who join City Mosaic build lasting friendships, engage in their community, and have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing youth-led event.

———-Tina Hang, Program Co-ordinator of VWAT Family Services

Across U-Hub has been a long-time partner of Vision Youth, since Vision Youth started in 2001. The City Mosaic partnership benefits the youth in both organizations in term of sharing expertise, interests and friendship. Vision Youth send[s] volunteers to assist in planning the event and encourage[s] our participants to join the City Mosaic.

The game raises awareness of the co-existence of different cultures in Toronto. Participants in the game require physical strength to reach different points in the shortest time, but it also requires a lot of planning to optimize your route to cover the maximum points. I also like the questions to test how observant the participants are. There are a lot of beautiful structures in the city that we missed.

Overall, this is one of the event in the city that I strongly recommend everyone to join in and have fun. City Mosaic is an annual well-organized, well attended, educational and entertaining event in the City of Toronto. The game promotes the Canadian value – multiculturalism – with fun. It is a must go event in the City.

——————————-Eric Li, Chair of Vision Youth