Across U-CAN Youth Awards 2024

We Believe You Can!

Have you undergone significant life transformations, contributed to your community, or embarked on a journey of self-discovery? The Across U-CAN Youth Awards celebrate you!

Recognition and Prestige:
Gain prestige and honour within your community and beyond.

Career and Academic Opportunities:
Enhance your resume, college applications, and scholarship prospects.

Networking and Mentorship:
Access valuable networking opportunities and mentors to guide and inspire you.

Personal Growth and Development:
Reflect on your journey, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

Join us in celebrating the incredible potential of youth like you. Apply for the Across U-CAN Youth Awards today and let your story inspire others!

Three Categories of
Across U-CAN Youth Awards

  • Across U-CAN GROW Award
  • Across U-CAN BUILD Award
  • Across U-CAN BRIDGE Award

Application Deadline:

August 15, 2024 (Thursday) at 23:59 (EST)

(Applicant Eligibility: aged 16-35, currently residing/living in Canada)

Award Benefits

Each awardee will receive:

  • An Appreciation Certificate and Award Plaque
    A formal acknowledgment of your contributions, elevate your personal & professional profile, perfect for resumes and scholarship portfolios.
  • Networking and Mentorship Opportunities
    Connect you with mentors, peers, and community leaders who can guide and inspire you.
  • $500 Award Grant
    A small monetary reward to recognize your achievements and support your future endeavors.
  • Personal Growth and Development –
    Experience significant personal growth through the reflection and application process.

Awards Criteria

Across U-CAN GROW Award

This award is for one who has overcome a life challenge, demonstrated significant personal growth, and made an impact on others.

Application Guidelines 申請指引

  1. What challenges have you faced?
  2. What motivated you to make the change?
  3. While you were making those changes, what difficulties did you encounter and how did you overcome them?
  4. How has this change demonstrated your personal growth and made an impact on others?

Across U-CAN BUILD Award

This award is for one who has made a meaningful, transformative impact on the community.

Application Guidelines 申請指引

  1. What issue(s) did you identify in the community that you sought to address?
  2. What motivated you to address the issue(s)?
  3. When addressing those issues(s), what challenges did you have to overcome and how did you overcome those challenges?
  4. How has this change impacted the community and/or yourself?
    (If possible, provide a brief testimonial of the impact you have had on the community concerned. This can be written, audio, or video.)

Across U-CAN BRIDGE Award

This award is for one who has undergone a journey in the understanding of their cultural identities, leading to cultural contributions to the community.

Application Guidelines 申請指引

  1. How have you struggled with your cultural identities?
  2. What made you realized the need or motivated you to understand and appreciate your own cultural roots and identities?
  3. Describe your journey in searching for your roots, reclaiming your cultural identities and integrating/reconciling the two distinct eastern and western cultures.
  4. Throughout your journey, what and how have you contributed to the bridging of cultural identities in your community?
    在這個旅程中, 你如何連繫不同的文化, 並對社區作出什麼貢獻?

Note: The applicant can apply for more than one award.

Applicant Eligibility

By the date of application deadline – August 15, 2024, the applicant is:

  • aged 16-35
  • currently residing/living in Canada

Applications are valid only for the year in which they are submitted.

Each award category has a unique set of criteria, please select the award heading and review the list of criteria for that award.

Application Procedures

Please send a completed Online Application Form and Narrative in one of the following prescribed formats:

  • Written Submission (Up to a maximum of 1,000 words, available in either English or Chinese)
  • OR

  • Audio Submission (Maximum duration of 5 minutes)
  • OR

  • Video Submission (Maximum duration of 5 minutes)

Awards Selection

An Award Selection Committee will review applications and select recipients for each award category. Award recipients will be publicized and the awards presentation will be taken place at the Across U-hub annual Fundraising and Youth Awards Celebration Gala on November 10, 2024 (Sunday).

List of Awardees in 2023 and Their Stories