Together, Shall We... Highlight

Most immigrants sacrifice everything including their dreams to give a better life for their children; the latter do hope to pay back their parents. This dynamic reflects the undeniable mutual desires between the two generations in many immigrant families.

Together, Shall We…, a multi-media production, provides a platform for the two generations to set aside their self-centeredness in a highly egoistic era, to have a heart-to-heart dialogue about each other’s dilemmas and struggles, and to walk hand-in-hand in discovering and realizing each other’s aspirations.

Adapted from true stories, Together, Shall We… strives to create a cross-generational legacy of hopes and dreams. Through this special project, over 100 youth volunteers are given the opportunity to participate in stage productions and behind-the-scene operations such as script-writing, planning, logistic management, budgeting and marketing – all of which help foster their team spirit and creativity.

父母盡用一生留下美好給下一代,子女力圖報答上一代的貢獻,這是兩代人不容置疑的心願,不如,我們一起. . . 提供一個平台,給兩代人剖白,在「自我中心」的現世代放下自我,攜手進入一個尋覓和實現夢想的旅程。創作是根據真實故事改編而成,藉此推動兩代同行,以行動共創美麗傳奇。


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