Tiffany Liu: Youth Voices

Through taking up different roles at various events and programs as a summer intern at Across U-hub, I am grateful to have learnt many useful skills and have met lots of great people who are passionate about youth development.

Being both a mentor’s helper and first-time camper at the Youth Leadership Training Camp was a very special experience. My responsibility was to help a group of high school campers bond through participating in themed programs. As we laughed through the tasks together and opened up at heart-to-heart sharing sessions, I realized that there was actually so much that I could learn from them, despite our differences in background and age.

The moment that made me appreciate Across U-hub as a youth organization the most was when I saw the small positive changes in each member after camp. In particular, hearing the news that one of the introverted campers became more talkative and active in reaching out to others at school made me teary and proud. To me, this is significant because it was my first time witnessing the beautiful impact of youth work. I know these changes would not be possible were it not for organizations like Across U-hub providing mentorship and support for young people to explore their potential.

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