Joanna Kwok: Youth Voices

It was over 10 years ago I first stepped into Across U-hub as a university student, opening my eyes to a world that was never taught in school. As a Computer Science student who had always been strong academically, I was not as self-aware as I had thought especially in areas not covered in textbooks.

One of the things I realized was that I did not have much empathy and was not good at expressing my emotions. Unfortunately for me, learning to express myself emotionally and to be empathetic are not skills you can just learn from books and then apply to life. It must come from within. Through the holistic programs, retreats, and camps at Across U-hub, I explored my strengths and weaknesses in areas not taught in school and expanded my worldview. Then, by choice and with the help of mentors and peers, I learned to change from within. Although I can’t say I am now the most caring and expressive person, those who knew me from before can testify to my gradual transformation for the better. To this day, I am still an active volunteer at Across U-hub, continuously growing myself while helping the next generation grow.

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