Freddy Tran: Youth Voices

Across U-hub has changed my outlook on life and has expanded my horizon to new ideas and perspectives in life, all thanks to the many volunteers and mentors at Across U-hub. Having these new perspectives reminds me of my past and the underlying reason for why I wanted to join Across in the first place. I came to Across U-hub looking to challenge myself and to improve myself as an individual; fortunately, Across provides a unique space to learn and grow through volunteering. Throughout the years, I both volunteered and participated in innovative programs, exploring who I am and having an idea of my strengths and weaknesses. Occasionally, I had situations present themselves that I had not dealt with before and this meant that there was plenty of room for improvement. In the near future at Across U-hub, I would like to take on more leading roles and perhaps help young people discover themselves more. Overall, I am proud to say that I have greatly improved in my “soft” skills and outlook in life, and have gained new ideas and perspectives as compared to before I joined Across.

Thank you Across U-hub for giving me this unique volunteer opportunity.

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