Evita Lai: Youth Voices

Hi, I am Evita, and this is my third year in Canada. I came to Canada from Hong Kong when I was 16, and I already knew about Across U-hub before I went to school. I have participated and volunteered in different activities at Across, and I am really grateful Across gave me so many opportunities to challenge and know more about myself.

Last year, I joined a drama workshop, led by a passionate drama teacher, Eudora, who had just come to Canada. The product of the workshop was “The Wanted”, which discussed the standards of being successful and the value of freedom. I have always been interested in theatre performances, and this one-time event gave me a really unique and memorable experience. I was looking forward to participate more in this area, as Across provides such a platform for people like me. However, unfortunately, Eudora passed away soon after the show ended. We all faced this shocking news together and decided that we would continue to try using drama as a medium through which people could express themselves. I am still on my way of exploration, but, through Across, I hope I can learn more about the society we are in right now and the people around us, and tell people about it. Across U-hub is not a place only for volunteering, but also a place to explore and experience.

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