Nomination: NANCY FOK

Citizens of Character – Young Adult

Nancy recognizes the importance of an inclusive community especially for newcomer youth and young adults. Through her positive attitude and welcoming smile, she contributes to create a positive and compassionate culture, one interaction at a time. Across U-hub focuses on the holistic development of East-Asian youth while raising the awareness of the needs of others. As a volunteer at Across U-hub for the past 4 years, Nancy leads the weekly Promotion Team and is part of annual program planning teams. Through Nancy’s leadership and and coaching, youth are provided with an emotionally supportive and inclusive environment, experiential learning opportunities, and work responsibilities/training in the area of marketing and promotions. The youth who work with her are given an exceptional example on what it means to contribute efforts with responsible work ethic, respect and compassion for others.

Nancy’s has a heart for nurturing character growth. Her approachability enables her to quickly establish meaningful connections. Youth look up to her as a big sister and she provides mentorship to those going through important life stages and decisions. She is observant and is proactive in learning about the young adult’ strengths, personalities, and passions and builds up character traits of honesty and critical thinking.

Nancy diligently serves with integrity and a sense of responsibility because she strongly believes that change happens when one is able to open up their life to another and live in authentic community relationships. The time she spends with them gives her the opportunity to learn more about them holistically, and to edify them as the journey through life together. Her compassionate and wise nature is seen as she works with volunteers to find balance between personal goals and deliverable, and to identify tasks that provide challenge and development opportunities for the volunteer. Nancy truly is a Citizen of Character and builds up these character traits in the people with whom she interacts.

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