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A.C.E. 如何幫助青年實現自己的夢想?

Across Centre for Entrepreneur (A.C.E.) 將於2016年3月在多倫多北部為所有青年創業家設立。這裡可能是唯一專為年輕人而設計,協助他們開創了自己的事業的唯一空間。

第一步踏進燃動青年(Across U-hub),你會發現A.C.E.大多數家具都是由回收物料人手製造的,繼而在色彩豐富的牆壁上發現很多年青人寫上不同的意念圖案的最佳熱點。富創意的年輕人在這裡不再只有夢想,還會計劃和管理自己事業。年青創業家不單可以在A.C.E.會見他們的客戶、集思廣益、演講和展覽產品,他們也可以在這裡將他們的公司註冊,並免費使用某些設備,使他們的夢想可以成真。

A.C.E. 也是個重視理想 (Aspiration),創意(Creativity)及卓越(Excellence)的空間。我們定期為青年創業者舉辦聚會,邀請成功的創業家分享他們的寶貴經驗,並提供實用的建議。

我們不應有任何理由放棄成為一個企業家的夢想。不論年紀,也不論你的點子大小,不同背景的人皆可實踐創業夢。只要我們將創業理念化為行動,爭取別人支持、全情投入,成功可望! A.C.E.正是你尋找的地方!


Every entrepreneur has a different story about why he or she decided to start a business. Some have known from day one that they wanted to work for themselves. Some decide to start up their businesses because of unemployment. Even more enjoy being entrepreneurs because of having full control over of their destiny, creating something from nothing, satisfying own curiosity, facing daily excitement!

On a broadcast radio program, a 21-year-old university student, as a millennial, said that he is looking a job with high flexibility and collaboration, less bureaucracy and procedures to follow, more meanings and has great impact to others. Roy is not too optimistic but perhaps he would soon find out being an entrepreneur is a possible way out.

How A.C.E. helps youth realize their dreams?

In March 2016, Across Centre for Entrepreneur (A.C.E.) will be opened in northern part of Toronto for all young entrepreneurs. It probably is the only space specially designed for young people to start up their own businesses in this area.

Once you step into Across U-hub, you will notice A.C.E. is a place where most furniture chairs and table are upcycled and handmade, walls are colorful and full of brilliant ideas on it. Sofas and bean bags are perfect for hangout and chatting freely. Creative young people meet up there not just dreaming but planning and running their own start up.

A.C.E. is not just a place for young people meeting their clients, brainstorming, presenting ideas and exhibiting products but also they can register their businesses here and use certain facilitates for free so that they could actualize their dreams. a friendly space of Aspiration, Creativity and Excellence. We organize entrepreneurial gatherings regularly for youth. Successful entrepreneurs share their valuable experiences with young people and offer practical advices.

Nothing should be used as an excuse for not pursuing dreams of being an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, nor how big or how small your idea is. Entrepreneurship can be achieved by many different demographics. All we have to do to get our business ideas to blossom is find some support and put the work in. ACE is a place you are looking for.

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