Building Up Resilient Youth Through A Community Support Network


(October 28, 2016 – Markham)

Resilience is an art of living that can be nurtured over time. It’s a holistic and multidimensional approach to foster one’s well-being through ongoing physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development with healthy support systems involving family, school, peer support, and communities. Resiliency is not a new idea, but renewed focus has brought this topic to light in recent years. It is a combination of skills and positive attributes that one acquires through their life experience and relationships and is imperative in a youth’s ability to cope with change and challenges and for future successes. This trait is especially important to build in East Asian youth who exhibit low emotional well-being compared to other ethno-racial background youth.

Across U-hub is a charitable organization and is a community support system for East Asian youth. This charity will be entering its 15th year of service in the GTA and focuses on six key aspects to building up resilience in East Asian youth and young adults. The six elements are self knowledge, basic life skills, emotional skills, self efficacy, optimism, and interpersonal skills. Across U-hub will announce a five year roadmap to “Build Resilience in Youth” at its Annual Celebration and Fundraising Gala on November 13, 2016. This roadmap will identify plans to develop physically and mentally healthy youths and young adults who are resilient to challenges through the integration of the six resiliency elements into the regular programming and through the community culture.

Across U-hub’s Annual Celebration and Fundraising Gala will take place on November 13th at Le Parc Conference and Banquet Centre in Thornhill. For tickets, please call 905-944-1944, or visit the website at .

Background of Across U-hub

Together we help nurture our youth:
• to become a bridge across cultures by taking roots in Canada while developing a global perspective
• to become servant leaders for communities by helping them grow holistically

We adopt creative, interactive and multi-disciplinary approaches:
• to nurture our youths’ holistic growth
• to cultivate their servant leadership skills
• to promote peer support and mentorship
• to foster their sense of community and to encourage active participation in cultural and civic activities




「燃動青年」周年慶祝及籌款晚會將會於2016年11月13日假康山Le Parc Conference and Banquet Centre舉行。有興趣者可以致電905-944-1944或瀏覽網址www.acrossuhub.com查詢票務詳情。

Across U-hub 「燃動青年」機構簡介

– 幫助青少年扎根加國,胸懷普世,成為跨越文化的橋樑
– 培育青少年全人成長,實踐僕人領袖精神,建設社群

– 栽培青少年身、心、靈的全人發展
– 發掘青少年人領袖的潛能
– 推行良師導向及朋輩扶持的群體模式
– 提倡社群意識、推動積極參與文化及公民活動

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