Louis Chow: Character of Citizen

Louis Chow has been volunteering at Across U-hub since 2008 and he had since been serving the youth community at large. For the past 7 years, he served in the Tic-Tac-Toronto team, the administration team and as a youth mentor in the annual leadership training camp. During his initial involvement at Across U-hub, he organized events for youth participants to explore Toronto. He is currently the volunteer leader for the administration team, he provides guidance and coaching for the younger volunteers and leads logistic planning to make large scale event such as the fundraising gala possible. One can see that his passion also extends to his fellow volunteers; he often organizes internal events for volunteers so the team builds morale and positive momentum. One of the incidents that Louis has demonstrated his mature character is during the Across leadership camp this year. He was a volunteer youth mentor and had to lead 7 teenagers to finish team building tasks. One of the members refused to participate and was preventing the entire group from moving forward. Louis demonstrated perseverance as he patiently encourages the individual to mingle with the rest of the group. He wanted every youth camper to have fun and to be included. Louis continues to show passion to youth and is a valuable volunteer to our organization.

Louis demonstrated inclusiveness, compassion and perseverance during his service at Across U-hub. He believes that any small effort that he contributes in the community can bring positive impact to others and his passion lies in providing support for our next generation of youth.

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