Art is my Bread and Butter

Interview with Illustrator
Carson Ting


Naming his number one influence as an artist, Carson cites Bruce Lee and his dad. Bruce Lee because he’s the “Asian Superstar in North America.” Seeing him on TV shaped his identity as a Chinese in Canada. Right there beside Bruce Lee is his dad, who passed away in earlier, and who Carson noted as having a “huge impact” on him. His dad would draw for fun and “for some reason he would always draw Tarzan,” Carson recalls.

Carson recalls. He vividly recounts a “mind blowing experience” at a young age when his dad introduced him to… wait for it… pencil crayons! Mind you before that, Carson had always thought pencils only came in gray or black. With all of his artist inclination and sensitivities, even at a young age, the introduction to these colorful drawing tools turned his world upside down and forever expanded his imagination as an illustrator.

“As simple as showing the then-kid Carson some pencil crayons,
his father has forever left his mark in shaping the person Carson is today.”

In today’s economy and culture, education is an area parents have outsourced to teachers, tutors, the Internet, and etc. Yet by doing something as simple as showing the then-kid Carson some pencil crayons, his father has forever left his mark in shaping the person Carson is today.

Take one look at Carson’s artwork and you see vibrancy; colours dance energetically on the canvas of choice, bursting forth with a passion that tells you he having a lot of fun doing what he is doing. If there is anything parents can learn from Carson’s story about parent-child interaction, it has to be to never under estimate the tiniest thing you do with your child, it may just be a life-shaping stroke of genius.


Google “Chairman Ting” and you’ll see that Carson fit the profile of a rising star in the industry. Having fronted projects with big names like Nike and Adidas, not to mention the SportChek campaign he is working on at the time of this writing, he has got everything going for him.
在Google上搜尋”Chairman Ting”的話,不難發現Carson是現時業界裡的後起之秀,與著名運動品牌Nike和Adidas合作;寫這篇文章之際,他正忙於SportChek的廣告系列。

When asked about qualities he sees as essential to make it in the business other than the art itself, he pointed to resilience, among other things, as one of the keys to succeed under pressure and even in times of criticism from others. He mentions a recent incident where he had to work and rework his illustrations over and over again to fit the client’s demand. Another quality is to be open, “there are certain opportunities,” as he recounts, “when I finally did say ‘yes’ to, turned out to be bigger opportunity that I thought.”
Carson提到有頑強的毅力極為關鍵,這樣才可以面對客戶和同業的批評,在壓力下繼續努力。他舉例說最近便為一設計項目,重複又重複地修改他的插畫稿件,以配合客戶的需求。此外,開放的心懷也很重要,他說:「有好幾次,當我猶疑良久而最終say yes時,才知道原來是比我想像中更大的機會!」

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