The ACROSS: Voices of Two Generations special publication debuted on March 14, 2015. The full online version of the publication is here! Share it with your friends and family!
Our special publication, ACROSS: Voices of Two Generations is dedicated to promoting community support for East Asian immigrant families in Canada. This publication offers a dialogue platform for parents and their children to bring out the different perceptions of first and second-generation immigrants. The special publication’s mission is to promote the partnership of two generations for building a better future when both generations are dealing with the process of acculturation and integration in a very difficult and challenging times that none have experienced before. Our stories reflect the voices of our youth and parents, and our publication is filled with enticing, full-colour photographs and illustrations. This issues raised by writers differ in context but stems from the same roots. We sincerely invite your support to make this publication a success for our next generations. 我們期望透過這本承傳特刊提供一個對話平台,讓第一代移民和土生的第二化以不同角度表達他們的心路歷程。 我們清楚現今是一個相當複雜和困難的時代,移民更要應付文化的適應和共融,出版承傳特刊的目的是鼓勵跨代同行,共創美好的明天。 承傳特刊的內容以人與情為本,刊物將配合精美攝影和插圖,文章蓋括範圍廣闊但源於同一根生。 我們誠意邀請閣下支持贊助,使承傳特刊得以成功出版。
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