Sichuan One Family Project

In response to the 512 Sichuan earthquake in China, Across U-hub held the “Lament” 「有感而慟」 fundraising concert in June 8, 2008, igniting young people’s passion to a long-term caring action for those whose lives are affected by the earthquake.

In June 2009, Across U-hub led a team of 29 youth leaders to Sichuan to conduct the “Walk with Me, Brothers and Sisters!” International Youth Cultural Exchange Program (國際哥哥姐姐伴我行項目) serving over 1000 students at the Beichuan High School (北川中學). The project aimed to mobilize and build a team of teachers, students and local volunteers to provide post-traumatic psychological rehabilitation services (災後心理康復活動) to Beichuan High School. It also served as a platform for Across U-hub youth leaders to perform as servant leaders for the community by helping them grow holistically.

Through arts and creative media workshops, students are able to contemplate on their learning experience and life stories, especially their feelings and emotions after the earthquake. The culminating presentation and exhibition was a showcase of what the students have learned from the workshop.

The program served as a model for other affected schools in the region. The greater strategy is to influence society and government policies for providing long term services.

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